Breakfast in San Miguel de Allende

This morning Bill and I finally got into el centro. We had breakfast with Barbara (our guardian angel of Mexico) and her friend, Nora. While we were there we met some caballeros preparing for a festival this afternoon. The town is decorated with green, red and white Mexican flags on every street. This weekend is the big celebration so I hope to get some more photos of the festivities.
On our way into town we pass this bed hanging from a tree adjacent to the corn fields. I guess that after someone tends to the corn fields they need a little rest.
When we got home we let the animals out. I got a nice photo of Juliet and a beautiful butterfly that visited our yard.

San Miguel de Allende Adventure

Well, it’s been quite an adventure. Bill and I drove from Palm Springs to San Miguel de Allende in three days with five animals. Much to our surprise, all the animals did very well on the trip. In fact, they probably did better than we did. We’re still a little tired from the drive, but we’re getting settled into our new place just outside of SMA.

The home we have rented is about four miles south of town and up in the hills. We’re very close to “living off the grid.” We use solar power and rain water. Fortunately, the home is well-equipped and we have internet connection so we’re not completely removed.

We did have one big surprise on our second day here. A 3-foot rattlesnake made it’s way out of the jungle to our front door. Bill hates snakes!!! Thankfully, our caretakers managed to capture the unwelcome guest and take it back up into the jungle. We hope it’s the last we see of it.

Otherwise, it’s been a wonderful adventure and we look forward to discovering our new surroundings. The photos I’ve included in this post are of the view we have from the house and a little welcome visitor sunning himself above the vegetable garden.