La Alborada Parade

I attended the La Alborada parade this morning. If you ever want to visit San MIguel de Allende, be sure to come here during La Alborada. The weekend-long celebration is really something to see—including this wonderful parade with so many different groups od dancers being represented.

I managed to shoot over 1,100 photos of the parade and I’m still going through them. I’s gonna take some time to go through them all, but I wanted to post of few of the ones that caught me eye. Be sure to come back for more photos. I’ll try to get through them as soon as possible. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these first few images.

Mexican Independence in San Miguel de Allende

Well, it’s been quite a weekend Mexican Independence celebrations. We were invited to a beautiful cocktail party at Mike and Tony’s home to start the festivities Sunday night. Their home is beautiful, the dog, Lucy, is as sweet as she can be and the guests enjoyed the evening looking over the city.

Later Sunday night, Bill and I walked home. I then drove over to Kathy and Michael’s home for some photos of the fireworks. The Jardin surrounding the Parroquia was packed with people so we decided to catch some photos from the rooftop of their new, unfinished home in Vista Antigua. We weren’t disappointed. It was a wonderful show and it even started on time. Fireworks were set off over the Parroquia and we think out towards the new Live Agua Hotel. The Parroquia was also with lit-up with green and red lights as well.

This morning, Monday, Bill and I got up and headed down to the Ancha for the parade. We sat in the window of Monet Café and the parade came by about 10:20am. This was a bit of a surprise as the parade wasn’t supposed to start until 11:00am. I guess they couldn’t wait. Anyway, the parade was full of military formations, bands (all playing the same music), public service folks and their vehicles and people on horseback.

NOTE: Bill is an ambassador for the SMA Community Foundation and the foundation recently bought the Bomberos (firefighters) and new truck so Bill stepped out during the parade to congratulate the fire chief driving the new truck.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the weekend of celebrations. Enjoy!

Saint Michael’s Parade

Sunday was St. Michael’s parade through Centro. This parade, I’m told, is the preview of a much larger parade in September. It wasn’t the largest parade I’ve seen in San Miguel, but the native Indian costumes were wonderful. Here are some of my favorite photos from the day. Enjoy!

Locos Parade

The Locos parade is an annual and I was ready for the crazy… or so I thought. I arrived a little early to scope out a place to get some photos. I ended up sitting on top of the wall of the Hotel Aldea. I thought it would be a good spot and it was until just before the parade. About 5 minutes before the parade arrived the entire audience sitting below me got up and moved forward 6-8 feet towards the parade route. At that point all I could see were a bunch of umbrellas. The folks turn their umbrellas upside-down so they can catch the candy being thrown by the parade participants. Who knew?

Anyway, I didn’t get the photos I was hoping for, but there’s always next year. Here are some photos of the day. Enjoy!

Simply Loco

Tomorrow, Sunday, is the annual Locos parade when Mexicans strut their loco costumes and such. A group has been practicing all week. In fact, they’ve now paraded down our street five times this week. Last night, they paraded by the house at 10:00pm and this morning we were awakened by fireworks and church bells at 6:00am. The kids weren’t too happy about the fireworks as they sounded like they were just outside our front door. Anyway, here are a few of the characters from the practice parade. Enjoy!

It’s Thursday… Let’s Have a Parade

I never really know why, but there seems to be a parade every week for something. I figure it’s Thursday is a good enough excuse. We’ve have two parades come by our house this week. I was able to grab my camera last night and snap a few photos. Enjoy!