Yesterday, Bill and I drove to Dolores Hildago. Along the way we once again stopped in Atotonilco. In Atotonilco, we visited the Galeria de Atotonilco where we toured the folk art gallery. They had the most amazing items in the gallery. We met Susan and Mayer, the owners of the gallery. They live on the property and their home is stunning. I didn’t feel comfortable taking photos in the gallery or their home, but I posted a couple of exterior photos in my previous post. The gallery was once a furniture factory that Susan and Mayer bought 12 years ago. It took them two years to restore the property and and now call it their home.

From the gallery, we went back into the small town of Atotonilco and this time we parked the park and went into the old church—the Sanctuary de Atotonilco. It was really something to see. It was built in the 18th century and the frescos/paintings on the ceiling and walls were really something. Just the age of the building is really interesting. The main part of the church is open to the public, but there were also a few parts of the interior that were blocked off to visitors. I tried my best to at least get a photo of these areas.

From the church, we drove up to the Atotonilco de Viejo hotel. It’s a property located just a few minutes outside town. It’s a stunning property, but a bit remote. We had lunch in the restaurant at the hotel and then took off for Dolores Hidalgo.

In Dolores Hidalgo, we visited the Talavera JMB factory. It’s not so much a factory as it is a shop with all kinds of pottery, dishes, plates and figurines. We found some really nice small bowls to add to our collection. Our friends, Joyce and ReAnn, who joined us for the day, also found some beautiful items at the shop.

Once we finished shopping we headed towards the El Jardin of Dolores Hidalgo. It’s a beautiful public square with churches on either side. It was so crowded and busy that we didn’t stop and I didn’t get any photos. Oh, well, I guess we’ll have to go back. Darn.

Here are a few photos from the day. Enjoy!

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