This is our local cemetery. It’s located about 2 miles up the road from our house. Since Did de Muertos has been pretty much canceled this year due to the virus I thought I’d pay a visit to the cemetery.

There are several cemeteries in town and the ones located in centro date back hundreds of years. This cemetery seems a bit newer and is really for the “common” person. It’s not fancy and as you can see, either are the decorations. Many use old coffee cans for vases and some crypts are only marked with names scratched into the concrete.

In any case, it was nice to see that relatives of the deceased were paying homage to their loved-ones by bringing fresh flowers and decorating the graves for Dia de Muertos. The flowers attract the souls of the dead. We also learned a wonderful tidbit about the celebrated holiday this past week. When someone passes, their souls can rise to the highest level in heaven and if they reach this level, they get to return to earth as a hummingbird. Currently, we have about a dozen hummingbirds visiting our feeders daily.

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